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USA Fire Bowl One Year Limited Warranty

USA fire bowls are protected with a one year limited warranty to be free of defects in materials or workmanship.

Shipped fire bowls must be inspected for damages upon receipt of delivery. All claims must be made within 24 hours of delivery date.

This warranty does NOT cover defects or damages resulting from (1) damages due to shipping or delivery, (2) improper installation, (3) pool chemicals, (4) salt water pools, (5) unreasonable use or abuse, (6) over-heating, freezing and thawing, (6) abuse, repair, or alterations, (7) chips, cracks, or impacts from other objects at any time after the buyer accepts delivery of the unit(s).

When the unit needs to be installed, removed, or replaced, it must only be done by a licensed plumber or electrician. Do not attempt installing, removing, or replacing a fire bowl yourself, this can be dangerous and will void your warranty.

We strongly recommend against using our fire bowls in salt water pools due to the possibility of salt overuse, lack of rinsing after use, and the potential for salt to corrode the bowls and stainless steel water features.

If salt systems are used, we recommend rinsing off your fire-bowl after each use.  Ozone and tablets would be a better choice when using any metal products with a pool.

All warranties are subject to USA Fire Bowls installation specifications physically provided with each unit shipped. Any deviations from our installation instructions will void all warranties.

Ignitors for fire bowls are warrantied for two years direct from the manufacturer of the ignitor.

To start a claim the buyer is instructed to take a photograph of the damages and send it to usafirebowls@gmail.com along with the buyer’s name, copy of paid invoice with date of purchase, and a written explanation of damages. USA Fire Bowls will decide if the damages are covered by this warranty.

This warranty is your sole remedy with respect to a defective fire or water feature from USA Fire Bowls. All other warranties, expressed or implied, whether of merchantability, fitness for purpose or otherwise are disclaimed by USA Fire Bowls. USA Fire Bowls reserves the right make changes to this warranty program.


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