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How do I know what size bowl to choose?
Bowl sizes refer to the top of the bowl dimension. This dimension should be matched as closely to the cap size of the pilaster or pedestal it is to be placed on. You may email a pdf copy of your pool plan and/or we can work directly with your pool contractor to help determine the best bowl for the project. Custom bowl designs are also available.
How do I determine the perfect color for my fire bowls?

The color and texture of your bowl should correspond with your pool tile and stone. Colors are available to view in person at our showroom, here on our website and at https://www.prismaticpowders.com/. To ensure you get the best match, we highly recommend that you visit our showroom or order samples from https://www.prismaticpowders.com/ prior to making your selection. Pro Tip: Earth Tones and Textured Finishes pair great with rock pools. Clear Coat adds shine to the bowls, which are a great fit for pools designed with an elegant style.

How are USAFirebowls made?
Our bowls are welded from the highest quality aluminum available (5052 Series Aluminum, .125 Inches thick). Each bowl is inspected for quality assurance then powder coated to the color of your choice.
How long does it take to get our fire bowls after our order is processed?

We always keep plenty of all bowl sizes from our catalog ready to be powder-coated. Some of our best seller colors we keep on the showroom floor and list under our “Ready Made Firebowls” Link. Once you have selected your special color, we perform a quality check inspection and then they are sent to Powder Coat. This process usually takes from 7-10 days. Bowls with water features add 3-4 days for assembly. Then packaging 1 day. Please contact us regarding process times for custom bowl design orders.

What if the bowls arrive damaged?
We take great care in inspecting all orders prior to shipping. All bowls are documented by photograph prior to being packaged with custom-fit foam padding. Please inspect all products upon unboxing, prior to installation. If you need to process a return, refer to our return policy for further instruction. Do not install defective items or bowls. If you’d like to purchase insurance for your shipment, please contact us for more information.
Do we need to have our color choice to start our fire bowl order?

No. Actually, it is best to process your order as soon as you confirm the size(s) and style(s) to ensure production times meet your need for installation dates. In most cases, we have standard styles in stock; however, processing times may be longer during peak season.
If you do not select your color at the time of ordering, our staff will follow up with you by email.
*Please note that color selections are confirmed by customer signature; and changes can only be made within 24 hours of signing.

How do Electronic Ignitions work in Fire bowls?

Our firebowls can be outfitted with an automatic spark igniter or hot surface igniter. The igniters can be powered by a wall switch or remote control app such as Pentair’s Screen Logic. When the unit receives power, it will open the gas valve and light the pilot flame. The main burner will light, then be monitored by either a thermocouple or flame sensor rod. If at any time the flame is extinguished or lost the unit will turn off the gas for safety. Some units will automatically attempt to restart.

Can Igniters be linked to Whole House Systems?
Yes. The transformer connects to a GFCI Outlet that your whole house system can control.
Can more than one fire bowl work on a single power source?

Yes. The units can be powered from the same power line and turn on together or be individually controlled. Please work with your electrician to confirm supplied voltage & amperage meets the per unit requirements.

Can more than one fire bowl work on a single gas line?

Yes. One main line can feed multiple bowls but line size matters! Each bowl requires its own feed to the bowl and requires its own shut-off valve. Main underground pipe size should be determined by your plumber who will calculate all the units BTU operational ratings in conjunction with other units in use, such as pool heaters, BBQ’s and firepits.

Can fire bowls run on Liquid Propane?

Yes. Please be sure to choose this gas type when placing your order. Propane requires very special unique installation requirements. Pressure regulators are required – Lift vent pads are provided when requested and must be installed at the base of the bowl. USAfirebowls only sells/distributes propane bowl with WB igniters installed for safety.

Who installs my Fire bowls?

We recommend that you use a licensed certified gas plumber to install and certify final inspection. Clear instructions for installation can be found on our website and will be provided with each order. Some assembly will be required as the bowls are sold separate from burners, orifice reducers and gas line accessories. Look for “Recommended Items” during the order process for additional items most commonly ordered with our firebowls.

What troubleshooting tips can you offer for low or no flame?
Most issues arise from improper installation. Check for physical damage to all components or incorrect media coverage of the burner. Inspect drainage holes if plates fill with rain water. If the gas feed seems to be weak, check that valves are open. In some cases where multiple gas feed products are operating at the same time, a meter size-upgrade may be required. Refer carefully to the instruction manual and/or call our customer service with any questions.
How durable is the color on my fire bowls?

Powder Coat is known as one of the industries strongest, longest lasting coatings available. It can withstand up to 400 degrees fahrenheit. Normal outdoor conditions including rain, snow and wind will not affect the finish. For bowls exposed to harsh weather conditions, coastal environments or other conditions of high humidity, we recommend a primer be applied.Aged bowls can be sand-blasted and re-coated by any powder coat company if need be. To reduce the risk of damaging the finish, we only recommend cleaning powder coating with a mild detergent soap and warm water. A soft bristled brush can be used for more stubborn stains.

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