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Fire Pit Burners

The gas fire pit burner is arguably the most important part of any fire pit, fire bowl, or fire table.

The burner accepts and then disperses the gas fuel that gets lit and turned into flames.

It’s the burner’s job to disperse the flames in as wide an area within your fire pit as possible. It does this with tubes and hole openings or nozzles. The more of each of those, the more flames you will have.

The burner must be made of the highest quality materials to provide reliable heat and flame flow and withstand the temperatures generated and the daily weather and elements.

You’ll want to buy the best quality one for your needs and budget. A burner is the one place to not skimp on quality.

Fire Pit Burner Factors To Consider

Fuel type

Most, but not all, fire pit burners are made for use with both natural gas and propane.

Most propane burners require an air-mixing valve. Check with your manufacturer.

Ensure that the burner is compatible with your fuel type before purchase.

BTU output

The amount of heat given off by a fire pit depends on its BTU capacity. The higher the number, the larger and more powerful the flames will be, the more heat they will give off, and the more fuel they will use. An adequate fuel supply is needed for higher BTU burners.

As a guideline, a typical 12″ round burner has an 88,000 BTU heat rating. It will consume a complete standard propane tank in about four (4) hours.

Ignition Choices

The fire pit burner needs a shut-off valve and an ignition source. There are three available ignition options:

  1. Manual match-light ignition. You would manually turn on the gas by opening the shut-off valve and then use a long lighter to ignite the gas into flames.
  2. Push button ignition. With this kit installed, you would manually turn on the gas supply and then just push a button to create a spark that ignites the gas into flames.
  3. Electronic ignition. Take it up a notch with this kit so you can flip a wall switch or use a smartphone app to open the gas valve and ignite the flames in your fire bowls, pits, or tables.


Match the shape of your burner to fit inside your fire pit, bowl, or table.

Burners come in several shapes to disperse gas over as much area as desired. They come in square, rectangle, round, octagon, triangle, H-style, and serpent shapes to spread gas differently.


Fit the burner and burner pan as perfectly as possible inside your fire pit, bowl, or table.

Also, be sure the fitting sizes match those of the hose connectors and other parts of your fire pit, bowl, or table.

Other options include how many tubes, holes, or nozzles the burner has to produce more flames.


Our fire pit burners are made from the highest-quality .304 grade stainless steel or solid brass. Each is identified on the product page.

Fire Pit Burner FAQs

How does a fire pit burner work?

The fire pit burner sits within the fire pit and has several tubes with holes or nozzles that allow gas to escape, ignite, and provide flame and heat.

It is the burner that controls how much and where gas is spread to. The burner determines how much flame is produced and the flame pattern.

The burner should be covered with just over one inch of fire glass or lava rocks to disperse the gas as it percolates upward and ignites.

Fire glass (works best) or lava rock help the gas spread out, and the flame pattern look natural.

Fire glass or lava rock also helps keep the flames away from the burner itself, which helps prevent damage to the burner itself.

How do I choose a fire pit burner?

When it comes to choosing a fire pit burner, there are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind.

First, consider the size of your fire pit. You’ll want to ensure that the burner you choose fits perfectly to the inside dimensions of your fire pit, bowl, or table.

You’ll also want to think about the fuel you’ll be using and the BTU output of the burner.

Be sure the burner is compatible with your natural gas or propane fuel source.

Burners also come in many shapes with an assortment of tubes, holes, or nozzle quantities to provide more or less flame.

Think about how often you’ll be using your fire pit. If you plan on using it frequently, you’ll want to choose a durable burner made of high-quality materials that can withstand regular use.

Lastly, consider your budget. There are a variety of burners on the market, so be sure to shop around and find one that fits your needs and budget.

With these factors in mind, you can choose the perfect burner for your fire pit, bowl, or table.

Do I need a cover for my fire pit & burner?

No, but a cover will help protect your investment from the weather and harsh elements and help your fire burners, pits, bowls, or tables last, function, and look better for much longer.

Do fire pits need burner pans?

Most fire pits do not require a burner pan, but it is recommended to use one under your burner. A burner pan helps evenly distribute the flame heat, which in turn helps prevent hotspots and makes for a more pleasant overall experience.

In addition, a burner pan can help to protect your fire pit from damage and makes it easier to clean.

So if you’re looking for the best possible performance from your fire pit, invest in a good quality burner pan.

What is a fire pit burner pan?

Fire pit burner pans are stainless steel pans that sit under the burner to help disperse the heat and reduce the amount of fire glass you’ll need to fill your pit.

Burner pans create the illusion that your entire fire pit is filled with fire glass or lava rocks.

It is said that burner pans “Maximize the magical while minimizing the fire glass.”

The triple reinforced side walls and rolled edges make these burner pans strong, durable, & can withstand extreme heat or harsh weather conditions all year long!

Can I burn wood in a gas fire pit?

No, wood burns at a much higher temperature than gas, which can cause damage to the burner and pan and even the vessel itself. Also, the ash resulting from wood burning can clog and damage the burner. Do not use wood in a gas fire pit, bowl, or table.

The best fire pit burners in the industry!

We’ve scoured the best manufacturers in our industry to bring you a collection of the most reliable and highest-quality fire pit parts. We know that when it comes time for an upgrade or replacement, there is no better place to shop than USA Fire Bowls!


Note: all our Fire Pit Burner Pans are specifically engineered to work perfectly with our Flame Guards and Burner Covers.

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