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Linear CSA Safety Fire Pit Burner Kits


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Linear safety fire pit burners that turn off automatically!

Natural Gas or Propane: Units are ready to install using Propane Gas. Natural Gas conversion kits are available.

These linear CSA safety-certified stainless steel fire pit pans come with a linear burner, auto shut-off sensor, and push-button spark ignition.

Auto shut-off flame sensor: each CSA fire pit kit comes with a flame sensor & thermocouple to automatically shut off the gas line if the flames are out.

Quality materials: All materials are made with 100% rust-resistant high-grade 304 stainless steel.

Durability: The triple re-enforced side walls & rolled edges make the burner pans ridiculously strong, and you can be sure your fire pit will never warp or distort.

Easy Ignition: Each CSA burner kit includes a battery-powered, push-button spark ignition to light your fire pit easily.

Our linear CSA fire pit burner kits are available in five (5) sizes:
30x6x2″ = 65,000 BTU
36x6x2″ = 65,000 BTU
48x6x2″ = 95,000 BTU
60x6x2″ = 145,000 BTU
72x6x2″ = 145,000 BTU

All linear CSA certified fire pit Burner kits include:
Flame and Ignition Control Panel
Flame Sensing Safety Technology
Push Button Rapid Spark igniter
Adjustable Flame Control
One (1) burner pan
One (1) linear burner
One (1) battery-powered, push-button CSA ignition system
One (1) AA Battery
All necessary connection components

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Key Features & Benefits

AutomaticFlame Sensor – Each CSA Safety Certified Fire Pit Kit comes with an automatic flame sensor & thermocouple that detects the presence of flames, closing the gas line if the flames are extinguished.

Heavy Duty Construction – The triple re-enforced side walls & rolled edges make our burner pans ridiculously strong and durable. This means you won’t ever have to worry about warping or distortion issues.

Easy to Ignite – Easily ignite your fire pit with the battery powered, push button control panel. Simply press and hold the push button and turn your gas valve to the “on” position.

CSA Safety Certified Fire Pit Kits Include:

All CSA Safety Certified Fire Pit Kits are available for natural gas and propane and come with the following:

  • One (1) Burner Pan
  • One (1) of either a Burner Ring, H-Burner or T-Burner (depends on the shape)
  • One (1) battery powered, push button ignition system
  • One (1) AA Battery

Lifetime Guarantee

CSA Safety Certified Fire Pit Kits are backed by a Lifetime Guarantee. Registration card comes with shipment and is quick and easy and can be completed in just a few steps.

The CSA Safety Certified Fire Pit Kits are designed to meet the strict CSA international safety certifications.

The CSA Group is a global organization dedicated to safety, social good and sustainability. They are a leader in Standards Development and in Testing, Inspection and Certification around the world.

The CSA mark is an internationally recognized symbol that indicates a product has passed rigorous safety, performance and energy efficiency tests.

The CSA mark is an assurance to consumers that the product they’re buying has been tested and certified in accordance with applicable standards. These certifications can be found on either packaging or the product itself.

Learn more from the CSA Group here:


Note: We recommend installation be done by a qualified service technician that is locally licensed.

Need Help Choosing?

With many options in size and shape, it may be overwhelming at first glance but our team has got your back! Call us at 951-817-4082 and we’ll help you find the right kit for your needs.

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