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Fire Glass

Looking to add a touch of elegance to your fire bowls and pits?

Look no further than our Fire Glass to add color, warmth, and beauty to your fire bowls and fire pits.

Our tempered fire glass come in several colors, so you can find the perfect fit for your pool or outdoor space.

Best of all, fire glass is maintenance-free, durable, retains heat, and emits a beautiful glow.

Our tempered fire glass doesn’t melt, discolor, or leave soot or ash – making it a worry-free addition to your pool or outdoor area.

Our fire glass is tumbled and polished to eliminate any sharp edges, making it perfectly safe for use in any fire pit or bowl.

And unlike regular glass shards, our fire glass will not crack, pop, or shoot shards onto unsuspecting guests.

Our glass is designed to reflect more light from the flames and amplify the heat radiation from your fire bowl by 3-4 times that of stones, making your fire bowls or pits glow brighter and warmer.

So why not add a touch of elegance to your next outdoor gathering with our stunning fire glass?

Take your fire bowls and pits to the next level today!.

All of our tempered fire glass comes in 1/4 inch sizes (smaller 1/8 sizes gets blown around in high winds).

Fire glass ships in ten-pound (10 lb.) bags.

24″ fire bowl uses 15 lbs.
26″ fire bowl uses 18 lbs.
28″ fire bowl uses 20 lbs.
30″ fire bowl uses 25 lbs.
36″ fire bowl uses 25 lbs.
60″ fire bowl uses 40 lbs.

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