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Flame Guards For Fire Pits & Fire Bowls

Don’t let a little wind ruin your outdoor fun! With a Flame Guard for your fire bowl or fire pit, you can keep the party going all night long.

Wind guards for fire pits, also known as Flame Guards, are our #1 selling fire pit & fire bowl accessory!

Even light winds can blow the flames of your fire bowl or fire pit off-center and send the heat in one direction, causing discomfort to anyone sitting downwind.

Wind can blow your fire glass around and make a mess too!

Flame guards protect the flames and fire glass from winds and gusts and let you enjoy a steadier flame and more even heat distribution.

Flame guards look good and add style to your fire pits & bowls too!

Our flame guards are specifically designed for outdoor fire pits and fire bowls and are built to last with tempered glass panels, aluminum brackets, and anti-slip rubber footpads.

They’re also easy to install – just connect the panels together and place it on your fire pit. So next time the breeze picks up, you can relax knowing that your fire is safely guarded.

How To Select & Size A Flame Guard

Match the Flame Guard shape to the shape of your fire bowl or fire pit burner tray, square guard for a square tray, etc.

Flame guards should fit outside the burner tray pan and never inside it. They sit around it and not inside it.

Measure your burner pan tray and then add at least two inches (2″) to each side to allow the Flame Guard to sit outside and around the burner pan.


  • A round 17-inch diameter burner pan would require at least a 19-inch round flame guard (17 + 2 = 19).
  • A rectangular 16 x 4-inch burner pan would require at least an 18 x 6-inch rectangular Flame Guard.
  • A square 16 x 16-inch burner pan would require at least an 18 x 18-inch Flame Guard.

Note: all of our Flame Guards tempered glass panels are six inches (6″) in height and have a glass thickness of 3/16″.

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