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The WeatherBeater Electronic Flame Ignitor


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Comes with (2) Whistle Free Gas hoses 18″ long.

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The WeatherBeater electronic controller system is the ultimate controller for your fire bowls.

The WeatherBeater allows you to control your fire bowls by switch, pool controller, or an optional remote control. It also provides Bluetooth and wifi controllers, so you can use a smart phone, tablet, or smart watch to turn your fire bowls on and off.

It can be used with any fire feature that has a maximum gas output of up to 290,000 Btu's.

It can be used with natural gas or liquid propane.

It includes a 12V AC Transformer. Option to use your equipment mfg. transformer requires a multi-tap 12v to 15v unit, to adjust should igniter tests show a voltage loss from your distance of wire runs. Long distance runs should use a larger #10awg wire.

This 12-volt hot surface ignition and control module by Flame-tec will work in all types of weather, including wind, rain, freezing temperatures, and salt air.

The WeatherBeater has a microprocessor that makes sure the flame stays on. If it goes out, the microprocessor will light it back up again.

If the fire does not relight for any reason, the module will stop the flow of gas.

 The Weather Beater is built to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, and it constantly monitors your fire so that it will be relit if necessary. 

The WeatherBeater uses commercial-grade components to ensure years of trouble free operation.

The controller comes with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

All electronic ignition systems need 120 volts of power to operate.

Includes two (2) Whistle Free Gas hoses 18" long.

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