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Round Flat Burner Pan w/Ring Burner


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Round Flat Fire Pit Burner Pans With Ring Burners

Get ready to light up the night with these stunning round, stainless steel fire pit burners with flat round burner pans.

Available in five different diameters – 12″, 18″, 24″, “30,” and 36″ – they fit most pits with a round hole for the burner.

Choose from natural gas or propane fuel supply (propane requires an adapter – not included).

These fire pit burners and pans are crafted from high-grade 304 stainless steel to last through extreme temperatures without damage or rust.

The flat pan design helps conserve fire glass while helping the heat and flames spread evenly across your fire pit.

Each one comes equipped with a built-in stainless steel ring burner with drilled holes instead of punched ones to eliminate whistling noises.

The stainless steel pans include weep holes to prevent water accumulation.

Each burner comes with a 1/2-inch nipple so you can easily connect it to your fuel supply and quickly start enjoying your fire pit or bowl.

For best effects, cover with two to four inches of fire glass.

Options include: size, match light kit (fuel hose, connector, on-off valve), spark ignition kit (fuel hose, push-button ignition, on-off valve), and electronic ignition (weather beater unit, hoses).

We also carry a line of square and rectangular fire pit burners with drop-in pans.


BTU Per Hour Ratings:
12″ = 88,000 BTU
18″ = 92,000 BTU
24″ = 147,000 BTU
30″ = 147,000 BTU
36″ = 147,000 BTU

Description: Round and flat stainless steel fire pit burner pans with built-in round ring burners
Sizes: 12, 18, 24, 30, and 36 inch diameters available
Material: High-grade 304 stainless steel
Finishes: Stainless steel finish only
Fuel Type: Natural gas or propane (with propane adapter – not included)
Lighting type: None, match light kit, push-button spark kit, weather beater electronic ignition kit
Features: Holes are drilled and not punched (punched holes can cause a whistling noise)
Includes: Built-in 1/2″ gas inlet on bottom of burner for easy installation
Application: Outdoor vented natural gas or propane fire features ONLY
Special note: MUST use a propane adapter for converting to liquid propane (not included)
Fire glass: for best effect use under a 2 to 4 inch layer of fire glass (not included)
Est. Arrival: This product usually ships in less than 10 days

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12" with 6" fire ring, 18" with 12" fire ring, 24" with 18" fire ring, 30" with 18" fire ring, 36" with 18" fire ring

Lighting Type

None, Match Light Kit, Spark Ignition Kit

Fuel Type

Natural Gas, Propane

Add Weather Beater Ignition?

No, Yes


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