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Installation Instructions

Unboxing your new Table Top Fire Pit / TailBlazer products – Lift the bowl from the box and remove the protected film and shrink wrap from your new bowl. Next, lift the burner pan and set it aside. For table top bowl/fire pits, Inside the bowl you will find a black plastic bulkhead bushing. This is used to hold your bowl down on your glass top table. Remove your umbrella hole cap if you have one. For this next step you may need a second person, as one person pushes the hold down bushing up from under the table through the umbrella hole and into the center of the fire bowl. The second person screws the reverse threaded nut to ensure the bowl is tight.

Once that is done, take your propane hose and slip the 3/8″ swivel end up through the center hole of the black bushing and into your fire pit. Next, attach the 3/8″ FIP end to the (IN) side of the log lighter valve. secure/tighten it. This is the open port of the brass nipple. Next, locate the 9″ long LP black hose. This goes from your Air mixer Valve. This valve feeds to your burner from underneath the pan. The opposite end gets connected to the (out) side of the Log Lighter Valve. secure/tighten it so no leaks happen. Lower the pan into place sitting on the 4 bowl tabs. Next, Using your Log Lighter Key provided, Be sure your log lighter valve is in the off position before hooking up your LP Tank and before opening the LP tank. To ignite your fire pit/bowl – Read your instruction manual for safe operation then when ready, turn the log lighter open only a ¼ turn and quickly ignite the burner using a fireplace clicker to light your burner. Never leave a Table Top Fire Pit unattended by an Adult as high winds may blow the flame out and someone would need instructions on how to shut off the log lighter valve before re-ignition. Always refer to the manual for safe operation and use of any fire products. ALL Fire-Pits and Firebowl products are for outdoor use only.

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