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Pool Fire Features

When it comes to swimming pools, water and fire do mix. And when they do, your outdoor space rises from its current state to one of beauty, sophistication, and a stunning design. When you combine elements of fire with water, your backyard space can seem like a high-end resort; one that you can enjoy all day and night.

But what do you need to know when it comes to pool fire features?

This post will answer all your burning questions and give you all the information you need on the subject.

Let’s begin with the first question.

Can you add a fire feature to an existing pool?

The simple answer is; YES!

And there are many benefits to you when you include a pool fire feature. For instance, your pool area becomes a good light source during the evening. The lighting not only enhances the allure of your pool but makes it more enjoyable to host parties for your friends and family. And did we already mention how much more beautiful your pool area will look?

Let’s look at some options.

Pool Fire Place

Option #1: Fire Place

Placing a fireplace in the backyard near your pool makes it a focal point.

It complements the house’s exterior and brings everything in your backyard together.

The best things about backyard fireplaces are:

● how easy they can be to set up
● the fact that they don’t have to take up much space.

You can set it up:

1) near the pool’s edge

2) the patio.

Once installed, you have a new source of warmth, light, and beauty for your pool and yard.

Fire Pits for Backyard

Option #2: Fire Pits

Fire pits are another perfect way to include fire features in your swimming pool area.

Fire pits are relatively inexpensive, yet they can still enhance the beauty and elegance of your backyard space.

Fire pits come in different sizes and shapes and burn either wood, natural gas, or propane.

You can also build fire pits with any material of your choice; brick, steel, aluminum, copper, or concrete.

USA Fire Bowls Installed

Option #3: Fire Bowls

A third option involves adding fire bowls to your swimming pool.

Right now, fire bowls are very trendy. If you’re on Pinterest, you’ll see they’re currently very popular on that platform.

Fire bowls — pots and sculptures — come in a variety of designs.

Unlike the other options, fire bowls can be incorporated into the pool’s structure while it’s being built or added to afterward.

Pool fire bowls create pleasant and unique lighting around your pool.

Fire bowls also come with options that can include small waterfalls from the fire bowl, mixing fire and water within the bowl itself.

When these fire bowls combine with the action of pouring water, it creates a breathtaking effect that will impress you, your guests, and your family.

Fire bowls are so popular that many people have many questions about them.

Let’s consider a basic one.

What is a pool fire bowl?

Fire bowls are usually built into the swimming pool structure itself, on pillars at the end or center points and other spots around the pool.

Back in the day, swimming pools followed a cookie-cutter installation diagram. Pools usually only came in a rectangular design that followed traditional blueprints.

Those days are gone.

Today, you can choose from a wide array of shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. Pools form part of your yard’s unique design. You can get a custom shape, hardscaping, and landscaping.

You can even include waterfalls, lighting, fountains, greenery, and fire features.

With so much innovation over the years, it’s not surprising to add fire bowls to your swimming pool.

For people who live with the constant noise from inner-city traffic, fire bowls with waterfall features can help mask these sounds.

Fire bowls give your pool a modernized design plus beautiful aesthetics and mood at night.

Fire bowls can also help those who want to warm themselves up after a splash in the pool.

USA Fire Bowls

 How Do Fire Bowls Work?

Fire bowls usually run on natural gas, but you could also use propane when necessary.

They require a gas line to be plumbed to it, and fire bowls with built-in water features would also require a water line to be installed.

The bowl has a burner and igniter inside to light it and fuel the flames.

Fire bowls can be filled with small river rocks, lava stones, or colored fire glass which covers the burner and adds an element of light reflection and beauty.

A phone app can control fire bowls, so if you’d like the ability to turn the fire bowls on and off remotely, which would require an electrical line run to the installation position.

Fire bowls come in different sizes and shapes and with or without added waterfall features. 

Many types of fire bowls can be color-matched to your pool design and tile colors.

What are fire bowls used for?

Fire bowls are used to create stunning visual effects and add ambiance to your backyard pool environment.

Fire bowls can serve as elegant accents to your pool. Simply put, people use them for decorative purposes.

Depending on your budget, you can get ready-made or customized fire bowls to meet any desire you have for the aesthetics of your pool.

Your pool builder could also choose to create something like a “wall of fire” where he makes straight or curved pool walls with recessed pockets for the fire.

You can have long straight runs of fire along a wall or round, square, or rectangular fire bowls on end caps of the pool.


In conclusion, pool fire features are a popular addition to today’s pool designs.

There are many options to choose from to fit any budget and design.

The ability to transform your backyard into a resort-like feel with fire features is more than enough reason to consider them.

And the good news is, with a little work, in most cases, you can add a fire feature to an existing pool.

With so many options available, you’re sure to find a solution for your budget.

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