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Sheer Descent Waterfalls For Pools

Have you ever seen a high-end pool and wondered what makes it so luxurious?

One element of these pools is a sheer descent waterfall. There are a number of benefits for your pool when you add a sheer descent.

What is a pool sheer descent?

A pool sheer descent is a waterfall element for your pool that emits a thin stream of water. This gives the water a unique, clear appearance.

Where a normal waterfall is a loud water feature with a large volume of water, sheer descents are more visually beautiful. Only a thin sheet of water is used to create a sheer descent.

Many pool users find sheer descents beautiful for the fact that the water tapers as it enters the pool. The taller the sheer descent, the more dramatic the tapering.

Sheer descents can be customized in a variety of ways to add your own touch to your pool. These customizations can include a variety of sizes, LED lights, and more.

Sheer descents are a unique design feature that add value and an element of relaxation to your pool.

What are the different types of sheer descents?

Single Sheer Descent Waterfalls

Single sheer descents – This type of sheer descent is a single stream of water that can either come from the top or the middle of the pool wall.

Two Sheer Decent at Night

Multiple sheer descents – This type features several streams of water that run simultaneously, and can also be installed at either the top or the middle of the pool wall.

Curved sheer descents – As the name suggests, this type of sheer descent’s main characteristic is a curved stream of water. It appears best on a rounded pool wall.

Wide Sheer Descent

Wide sheer descents – These sheer descents are wider than average, and appear best as a design element on longer pool walls.

Are sheer descents loud?

The short answer is no.

Sheer descents are designed to be a relaxing element to your pool using the sound of moving water. The actual volume of the sheer descent will depend upon the number of sheer descents in your pool and how large they are.

However, a sheer descent will never rise above a quiet, soothing volume.


How much does it cost

How much does a sheer descent cost?

This depends upon the type of sheer descent that is right for your pool, or how many sheer descents you will add to your pool.

It also depends on if you are adding a sheer descent to your pool during your pool’s construction or after the fact.

Sheer descents themselves are not very expensive. A sheer descent by itself will cost anywhere from $100 to $500.

It is the installation, plumbing, and electricity involved that drives the cost up.

A sheer descent, just like any regular waterfall feature, typically requires its own pump. Pumps need special attention and more energy than other elements of your pool.

For these reasons, sheer descents are considered to be a little more on the expensive side when considering features to add to your pool.

However, sheer descents also add value to your pool. This is something else to consider before making your decision.

What sizes do sheer descents come in?

Sheer descents come in a variety of sizes to accommodate any pool.

Sheer descents are known for the beautiful tapering that occurs at the end of the stream of water. However, sheer descents can be up to four feet maximum, otherwise the tapering begins to fall apart.

The easiest part of your sheer descent to customize is the width. The width can be anywhere from one foot to eight feet, and comes in straight or curved.

You can design a sheer descent for your pool with any size within these parameters.

How to clean a sheer descent waterfall?

The cleaning process for a sheer descent is quite simple, but must be done by hand. If you attempt to clean your sheer descent with a machine, you could damage the components and require costly repairs.

This simple process is in part because having a sheer descent increases water circulation. Added water circulation keeps your pool clean and decreases the need for regular maintenance.

The first step is to check your filters and pumps weekly for clogs and debris. This checkup will keep your sheer descent running smoothly all year round.

The second step is cleaning calcium buildup. Turn off your sheer descent and clean the mouth and the stone behind it with the proper cleaning solution as needed.

What are the pros and cons of sheer descent waterfalls?

Now, you are ready to make your decision. Here are the pros and cons of having a sheer descent in your pool:


Water circulation – Sheer descents circulate the water in your pool more effectively. This keeps the water clean and rids the water of contamination more quickly.

Aesthetics – Sheer descents are a visually pleasing design element to your pool. They are customizable depending upon the look you are trying to achieve.

Temperature – Such frequent water circulation keeps the pool a little cooler. This feature can eliminate the need for some temperature controls in the warmer months.

Pleasing sound – When relaxing in your pool, there is no better sound than a trickling stream of water. The sound of a sheer descent can be therapeutic for you and your family.


Difficult to clean – Cleaning must be done by hand, never using machinery. Cleaning a sheer descent can be difficult and time consuming.

Cost – While many find the cost of sheer descents to be worth it, they are one of the more costly features that you can purchase for your pool. The cost is dependent upon how many sheer descents you would like and when in your pool’s construction you would like to install them.Are you ready to make the leap?

Sheer descents are a soothing feature to add to any pool that makes the experience more relaxing and adds value to your pool.

What do you think? Are you ready to add a sheer descent to your pool? 

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